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nurul ina
Nama Panggilan nurul or fina...seorang yang suka berkwn....n hope de ramai kwn yg leh kongsi masalh n leh di ajak berborak...
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Ahad, 31 Julai 2011


Isnin, 25 Julai 2011

Cinta sedia

Bila sampai masanya di setiap tahap2 cinta,
maka allh menjadikan manusia itu bersedia menerima cinta itu.
Pada mulanya jiwa itu bersedia menerima cinta ,
lantas sedia pula untuk berkongsi rasa kewujudan dengan dikasihi.
Sedia untuk mengikat seta serta saling memahami.
Setai untuk dipertanggungjwbkan kerana cinta

Sabtu, 23 Julai 2011

About love

Two Butterflies

Watch with me,
the butterflies dancing by,
until the journey's end.
Not knowing where their travels lead,
in light and love, my friend.

Flecks of light,
across the azure sky,
gently they descend.
Settle weary wings on your open hand,
in faith and trust, my friend.

Carry our wishes,
beyond the stars,
as we watch our life transcend.
We journey down the starlit path,
in life and love, my friend.

Khamis, 14 Julai 2011


.* *, ,* *.
* * *
*. .*
anta HEART nie pd sume kwn awk dn pde sy gak..lhat bpe byk heart awk dpt blik.kalu awk dpt..
5=Sume org syg awk
4=awk ialah kwn sejati
3=awk ad pminat misteri
2=awk perlukn prubahan dlm dri
1=awk lbh baek dr tiade..epy frenship day!

Sabtu, 9 Julai 2011



To me life does not mean life,

As sometimes there are things we don’t get to decide,

Life to me just doesn’t seem fair,

For there are people out there who just don’t care,

As there are mean people out there whose life gets to stay

And those people we love gets taken away,

It’s amazing how we are born to dieBut yet there our people out there who insist to try,

People told us to live life to the fullYet we are to apply by all this rules,

Is it true that life is a precious gift?

If that’s the case then why do people choose to give there life a miss,

If life meant life then I would be happy to stayBut as it’s not,

I can live another day.